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Healthier Lives, Safer Workplaces

Drugscan is proud to showcase the exceptional individuals who compose our dynamic team. Uniting our talents to drive professional development and provide essential testing services for healthier lives and safer workplaces. Learn why our team members have not only discovered a workplace, but they've also become part of a passionate and supportive community that they proudly choose every day.

Why I Chose Drugscan

  • Wendy Adams

    Wendy Adams | Laboratory Director

    "I've been with Drugscan since the beginning of 2023. My favorite thing about working here is being able to collaborate successfully with others both in person and virtually." 

    Wendy thinks others should apply for a role at Drugscan because it's a great place to get specialized training in a laboratory setting and the many diverse opportunities in toxicology and microbiology. 

    "Drugscan is always finding ways to improve processes and quality, so joining is a great way to be a part of reinventing a company with over 30 years of stability."

  • Mollie Hart

    Mollie Hart | Field Specimen Processor

    "I've been a part of Drugscan since 2015 and my favorite thing about working here is the opportunity to build relationships with patients." 

    Mollie says others should apply for a position at Drugscan because it's an organization interested in growing as a company, while also helping employees grow in their careers.

    "I believe that Drugscan has high standards and a great reputation as a relevant and growing company." 

  • Lynette Johnson

    Lynette Johnson | Field Specimen Processor

    "I have been working for Drugscan for about a year and my favorite thing about working here has been my supervisor and the other employees I work with."

    Lynette thinks others should apply for a role at Drugscan because they are constantly improving their overall work experience. 

    "Drugscan is always open to suggestions and genuinely cares about their employees and employer feedback."

  • Tammy Rhoades

    Tammy Rhoades | Customer Service Representative

    "I've been with Drugscan since 2011 and my favorite thing about working here is that there is time to have fun between shifts, like celebrating Employee Appreciation Day and Lab Week."

    Tammy believes others should apply for a Drugscan role because of the great benefits, and the tight-knit, personable, and friendly organization.

    "I think of all my co-workers as a family."

  • Nicole Hanson

    Nicole Hanson | Senior Manager of Customer Service & Field Services

    "I've been working at Drugscan since 2018 and my favorite part about being here is that the company culture is still strong; even though I'm in a remote position, I still feel connected to my colleagues."

    Nicole thinks others should apply for a role here because there are lots of opportunities to learn and grow. 

    "There is also plenty of room for cross-training within the organization." 

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DRUGSCAN is always looking for new candidates who are passionate about providing accurate results, great customer service, and understand the critical impact we have on patient care and treatment.

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