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Substance Use Disorder Management

Smarter Testing for Confident Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Substance Use Disorder Management

Smarter Testing for Confident Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Creating the right substance abuse treatment plans for your patients recovering from drug and alcohol disorders requires accurate toxicology testing to know how well each patient is doing. 

We can help you manage your patients’ health and safety and determine whether they’re complying with their plan. With more than 35 years of toxicology experience, DRUGSCAN delivers the science and service you need to treat substance use disorder with confidence.

Greater Sensitivity 

Our drug tests offer greater sensitivity to detect substances at lower cut-offs. 

Variety of Tests

We offer a wide range of tests, including standard panels, single tests and custom panels specific to substance use disorder treatment.

Different Options

Choose from urine immunoassays or oral fluid testing, with confirmation of positive results via LC-MS/MS for accuracy. 

Fast Turnaround Time (TAT)

Upon receipt of specimens, 98 percent of results are available in 24 – 48 hours.

Vast Experience

We provide services to organizations of all sizes, from large, hospital-affiliated systems with multiple locations to independent treatment centers. 

Reports Made Simple

Easy-to-interpret color-coded reports let you see how patients are doing in seconds.

Ease of Ordering

Order tests and receive results via our secure online Client Portal, bi-directional EMR integration or fax.

Experts On-Hand

Talk with one of our PhD board-certified toxicologists for any help with test interpretation.

Help When You Need It

A real person answers the phone when you call for customer service or billing questions.

Helping You Treat Patients with Substance Use Disorder

These days, it’s tougher than ever to manage patients with drug or alcohol disorders on their road to recovery. The opioid crisis rages on. There’s the dangerous and continuous influx of counterfeit drugs, and the changing treatment guidelines and newly relaxed laws about marijuana use in a growing number of states—plus all the variations of drugs on the streets.

Specialized Experience

We encounter a variety of synthetic and illicit drugs and have laboratory-developed tests to detect them, unlike large, commercial labs. Our PhD and board-certified toxicologists are available to help you interpret any drug test results via our Toxicology Hotline.

A Focus On Learning

Knowing that change is a constant in our industry, we provide continuing education to providers and their staff about drug disorders. DRUGSCAN can help your practice or treatment center learn about new trends in drug use and abuse.

Our Competitive Advantages

How Does Your Current Toxicology Lab Compare to DRUGSCAN?

Clinical Excellence and Quality Assurance

  • CAP-accredited and SAMHSA-certified
  • More than 35 years in laboratory testing
  • Customized testing options available for your practice
  • Strict compliance with all relevant legal, ethical and regulatory obligations
  • Direct access to PhD board-certified toxicologists 

More Accurate Tests with Low-Level Cut-Offs

  • Oral fluid testing for patients unable to void 
  • Wide range of tests specific to substance use disorder treatment
  • Confirmation testing following each positive screening test
  • Accuracy determined by LC-MS/MS confirmation


Proven Efficiency to Expedite Drug Testing

  • Laboratory in operation 24/7
  • Following receipt of samples, 98 percent of test results available in 24 – 48 hours
  • Rapid Report technology to help you monitor patient compliance and progress
  • Reports sent via secure online portal, bi-directional EMR integration or fax 

Reports so Good, They’re Copyrighted

  • Wide range of tests available, including standard & custom panels
  • Flexible panel design to fit your practice/treatment center 
  • Many reporting formats to choose from
  • Color coding on reports to see how each patient is doing in seconds
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