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Why Get Tested for COVID19 Now?

adult man getting COVID-19 test


Although both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines will eventually help life return to “normal”, they are only one important piece of the puzzle in mitigating the spread COVID-19. The reality is, it will take many months before a large portion of the population is able to be vaccinated, and even as they become more widely available, questions still remain:


“Does getting the vaccine mean that safety measures, restrictions, and testing protocols can be relaxed?" ”Do the COVID vaccines prevent you from spreading the virus, or do they just protect you from getting sick”?


Scientists don’t know yet—in a side-by-side comparison Pfizer and Moderna say their vaccines are, respectively, about 95 and 94.1% effective at preventing people from contracting COVID-19. But there’s still not enough evidence yet on whether the vaccines also prevent asymptomatic infection and transmission. In the meantime, reducing the spread of COVID-19 needs to remain a priority. Efforts like wearing masks, practicing hand hygiene social distancing, and avoiding large gatherings, remain essential.


But that’s not enough.


According to a model developed by CDC researchers, more than half—approximately 59%—of transmission comes from people without symptoms. The bottom line is that with the high rate of asymptomatic transmission, and new, contagious variants circulating around the world and in several states, strategic testing of people who aren’t sick is more critical than ever.


That’s why DRUGSCAN®  is offering SARS-COV2 (COVID-19) testing as part of ViraScan, our viral testing service. There’s even more reasons to partner with DRUGSCAN:

  • A CAP-accredited and SAMHSA-certified laboratory.
  • We are using an approved molecular COVID-19 testing kit/instrumentation, and are validated as an LDT.
  • We have our EUD, and are listed on the AACC website.
  • All COVID-19 test results are consistently delivered in less than 48 hours from time of receipt into the lab.


Mitigating the spread of COVID-19 will take time, and to do it as quickly and effectively as possible will require more than one means. At DRUGSCAN we’re committed to doing our part to help rid our communities of this pandemic, and reestablish everyday life. To learn more, contact us today



Drugscan is a national toxicology and infectious disease testing laboratory that partners with organizations and providers for healthier lives and safer workplaces. With over 35 years of experience in toxicology testing via their CAP and SAMSHA certified laboratory, Drugscan provides prescription drug and addiction monitoring, specialized drug testing, and workplace drug testing, screening and program management services to clients in 48 states. DrugScan also provides infectious disease testing services, including real-time PCR testing for COVID-19, through their ViraScan laboratory.