Scientific Publications

Exploratory In Vitro Laboratory Study to Assess Potential Abuse-Deterrent Features of Polyethylene Oxide Extended Release Matrices – AAPS 2016 An exploratory in vitro study assessing the syringe-ability, sniff-ability, extractability and the ability to rectally administer two abuse-deterrent formulations of POLYOX (polyethylene oxide) extended release tablets versus a comparator with no abuse-deterrent features In Vitro Test Characterization of an Immediate Release Product with Abuse Deterrent Features – AAPS 2016 In vitro physical manipulation, syringe-ability, extraction and API isolation studies to characterize the abuse-deterrent properties of an immediate release hydrocodone-acetaminophen tablet compared to a marketed product with no abuse-deterrent features Optimization of a Smoking-Simulation Technique to Investigate Smoke-Ability of Opioids from Pharmaceutical Formulations – PAINWeek 2016 Optimization of a proprietary apparatus that simulates smoking in vitro using two commonly abused opioids Extreme Work Requirement of EG-001, an Abuse-Deterrent, Extended-Release Morphine Product, as Demonstrated with the ALERRT℠ Visual Analog Scales– PAINWeek 2015 Measure the amount of time, effort, and resources required to physically compromise an abuse-deterrent extended release morphine compared to marketed extended release and immediate release morphine products using a novel visual analog scale EG-002, a Novel Proprietary Abuse-Deterrent, Extended-Release Formulation of Oxycodone, Demonstrates Strong Abuse-Deterrent Potential Based on the Results from a Category 1 In Vitro Physical Manipulation Study – PAINWeek 2015 Single-step physical manipulation studies to evaluate the abuse-deterrent properties of an investigational extended release oxycodone tablet in comparison with a marketed abuse-deterrent extended release oxycodone formulation