For over 30 years, law enforcement agencies have relied on DRUGSCAN for their drug & alcohol testing programs

Our Great Chemistry, provides precise results that you can have confidence in

  • One of a few nationally certified SAMHSA and CAP accredited toxicology laboratories
  • DRUGSCAN is licensed in multiple states
  • State-of-the-Art testing platforms calibrated to detect and analyze specific drug analytes at lower levels of detectability particularly beneficial when drug use is suspected
  • We can test for over 100 drugs upon request including advanced testing options to detect substances such as synthetic cannabinoids and stimulants like synthetic marijuana and bath salts (Mephedrone, Methylone and MDPV) which cannot be detected using routine urine drug screening

Unparalleled customer service at every step to facilitate your criminal investigations

  • Reports are accessible via on line secure web portal, bi-directional EMR integration or fax
  • A range of report options designed for quick and easy interpretation
  • Access to Ph. D. and board certified toxicologists for consultation
  • Our full-service Customer Service and Billing Centers address your questions promptly and thoroughly
  • Our expert staff can help you create specific customized testing panels to meet your needs since one size does not fit all
  • DRUGSCAN drug testing personnel are available 24/7 to test for both substance abuse and alcohol for criminal investigations including DWI cases in the eastern Pennsylvania area.

We are passionate about expertly meeting your needs with great science and uncompromising service