Pain-Management Medication Monitoring

As a healthcare provider, your goal is to ensure patients have access to effective pain management while maintaining their safety. Unfortunately, prescription drug misuse and patient non-compliance are becoming more widespread. DRUGSCAN provides reliable and convenient solutions to help you protect your patients and practice.

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Addiction Management Monitoring

As a healthcare provider, you are acutely aware that drug addiction is a complex but treatable disease. Success depends heavily upon your facility’s ability to ensure that patients stay “clean and sober” throughout treatment. DRUGSCAN provide solutions that help you determine:

  • when patients have completed detoxification, and are ready for the next step in recovery
  • patient compliance with therapeutic agents while in treatment
  • when patients are ready to be discharged, and monitored for wellness
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Healthcare Professional Recovery Monitoring

Substance abuse by nurses, physicians and any hospital employee directly compromises the safety of patients. Studies suggest that 10-15% of Health Care Professionals are afflicted with drug and alcohol addiction. DRUGSCAN has solutions to address Drug and Alcohol Abuse in the Healthcare environment. DRUGSCAN provides Drug and Alcohol Monitoring to:

  • State Monitoring Boards
  • Third Party Administrators
  • Hospitals
  • Other HealthCare Providers
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